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Any surplus products can be sold through tuckshops, canteens or kiosks. The Fundraising Crate contains 24 packs of four most popular flavours – Cocoa Bean Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry, Okey Dokey Cookies and Cream and Chilled Out Choc Mint.

is a Healthy Kids Association green-light canteen product in all states except South Australia and it has an Australian Health Star Rating. With only 24 sales required to sell a crate, each child could be given a whole crate or just one four-pack to sell – a very small commitment which could contribute to a substantial return for their school.

Unistraw is seeking an injunction to stop production and sale of Nestlé's lookalike straw and the destruction or return of all straws produced to date.

The Australian company claims the recipes for and the method of manufacture of the straws are "trade secrets" owned by the company and invented by Peter Baron, who started developing the product nine years ago in Australia.

For ‘kidpreneurs’, every sporting match and play date is an opportunity to sell their favourite flavours.

offers a vintage-style, pop-up Milk Bar for events such as fetes, carnivals, local markets and special days.

A Unistraw spokesman told Food Production Daily that the suit was sparked after the company found out that Nestlé plans to release what it calls "Nesquik Magic Straws".

The Unistraw suit alleges the Nestlé straw is a similar product based on its design.

With less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar per straw, joins the dots for fundraisers.

to encourage his four children to drink more milk without the overload of sugar found in many other flavoured milk drinks.

For his first prototype, he used his daughter’s stocking to invent a straw which turned plain milk into an instant lower-sugar flavoured milk drink.

offers campaign organisers a fresh idea which is a wholesome, healthy and inventive way to fundraise.

It inspires early ingenuity and returns healthy profits in a portion-controlled product which is quick and easy to order online.

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