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Anthony is a 1/4 Filipino since his paternal grandmother is from the Philippines, as stated in the episodes "SEXIST BURGER! In an interview with New Media Rockstars, Anthony had said that he would obviously choose Squirtle as his starter and then catch a Rattata further to fight the first Gym Leader.Anthony's favorite guilty pleasure is comic books and graphic novels which was said in the same interview.When he was a freshman, Anthony got his driver's license, but he got a car and drove earlier as he used to drop Ian home after school, as mentioned in an episode of Lunchtime with Smosh, as well as in "Draw My Life" video on his You Tube channel.He has brown-colored eyes, slightly tan skin, and curly dark brown hair.After showing his new hair for the first time in The End of Christmas (Part 1).

For example: In "President Evil," he directly corrects Ian when he mistakes a sunrise for a sunset.

However, he is sometimes childish because he believes that Toy Story is real (which makes Anthony a bit dim-witted and delusional).

It is often hard to explain the personality of both Ian and Anthony as they often role-play and vary their attitude.

From the beginning of Smosh until the end of 2013 he flat-ironed his hair which fans called his "emo hair".

Fans were very fond of the hair and often associated Anthony with it.

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