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The compelling documentary Believe condenses the comedian's fascinating life into 105 minutes of interviews, archive material and -- most importantly to understanding any performer -- several decades of performance footage. Interesting documentary about the life of Eddie Izzard, flawed only by focusing largely on the his "struggling artist" early years, then breezing fairly quickly through his more successful years (and his film and tv work gets little more than a footnote).

Those unfamiliar with his stand-up won't be terribly interested or impressed, but long-time Eddie fans like me will no doubt be intrigued.

If the actors are staying in character, then you have a case of In-Character Commentaries.

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Some of the most interesting material is watching him workshop new material in small venues in preparation for his "Sexie" tour.

The DVD (and Blu-ray, by extension) Bonus Content with the highest ratio of "disappointment when it isn't included" to "likelihood you'll actually sit down and watch the whole thing." If you've bought a DVD, it's assumed that you like the movie or TV show or whatever. It seems logical that a good chunk of the viewing audience would want to know more information about the film they're watching, and also to have a compelling reason to rewatch a film you've seen in the theatre.

Still, it's always nice to know the commentary is there.

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