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A Venezuelan fitness fanatic has been dubbed 'Wonder Woman' after pictures emerged of her wearing a helmet, denim shorts and a red top and charging down a street with her arm in the air during a street protest Four months of protests against unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro have already claimed 112 lives, according to prosecutors - seven of them during a two-day general strike that ended on Thursday.

In an interview, Ciarcelluti revealed how she hates the gym and instead heads to the mountains overlooking the capital Caracas.

Her regime includes jogging up a hill at 6am, lifting weights and then 90 minutes of high-altitude training before a five-egg-white omelet for breakfast.

That's all before she starts her job as a personal trainer.

S&P said there was 'a one-in-two chance that Venezuela could default again within the next three months.''We would very likely consider any Venezuelan restructuring to be a distressed debt exchange and equivalent to default given the highly constrained external liquidity,' it said.

The US has designated vice president El Aissami himself a drug kingpin with whom US entities are barred from dealing.

In the meantime, China said its massive financing of Venezuela was 'proceeding normally', and Russia was expected to sign an agreement as early as Wednesday to restructure £2billion of Caracas's debt, according to sources in Moscow familiar with the matter.

The Maduro government had said it would make a £900million payment on a PDVSA bond on November 2, but it was unclear if the funds ever reached creditors.

A committee of 15 financial firms met in New York 'to discuss whether a Failure to Pay Credit Event had occurred' with respect to PDVSA, but ended up postponing a decision until Tuesday.

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