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In this ritual, a person would be chosen to replace the king.He would be dressed like the king and placed on the throne.In a solar eclipse, the moon passes in between the sun and Earth, which results in blocking our view of the sun.

According to Babylonian scholars, eclipses could foretell the death of the king.

Humans have been alternatively amused, puzzled, bewildered and sometimes even terrified at the sight of this celestial phenomenon.

A range of social and cultural reactions accompanies the observation of an eclipse.

The “Bamboo Annals” were allegedly found in a tomb about A. 280, but they purport to date to the reign of the King Xiang of Wei, who died in 296 B. The complexity of human events is rarely constrained and determined by one single factor.

Nevertheless, whether in ancient Mesopotamia or in early China, eclipses and other omens provided contemporary justifications, or after-the-fact explanations, for an entangled set of variables that decided a specific course of history.

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