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Once they arrived, their identification papers were taken from them, police said of the Edmonton case. They'll take you to another city and you have no way of coming back." Nagy eventually escaped and was able to turn her life around.

On Friday, at a workshop in Calgary, former sex slave Timea Nagy spoke about her experience 11 years ago, when she came to Toronto from her native Hungary. Today, she works as a front-line worker for the Salvation Army.

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The RCMP estimated in that year that 600 women and children are trafficked into Canada each year for sexual exploitation and 800 are trafficked for other purposes such as the garment industry and the drug trade.

A private member's bill is currently before Parliament that would provide mandatory minimum sentences for anyone convicted of trafficking children under 18 for sexual purposes.

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It received 5,000 over three years from the province for the project and also received an extra year of bridge funding to help smooth the transition off government funds. "The idea behind this gift funding was to provide start-up money for pilot projects," says Christine Nardella, spokeswoman for the office of Alberta Justice and Soliciter General, which ran the Safe Communities initiative.

Servants Anonymous says that while it is looking for a donor to help keep the program open, it has not been able to find one.

Police and immigration officials are in Calgary for a seminar on human trafficking, just days after Edmonton police laid what are believed to be the first such charges in Alberta.

"I still feel like they're going to take me 11 years later," Nagy said of the three men — one Canadian and two Hungarians— who waited for her at the Toronto airport when she answered a newspaper ad seeking women to work in Canada. She is travelling across the country, telling police officers her story to make them more aware of human trafficking situations.

Nagy said they drove her to a strip club, and forced to become an exotic dancer and perform sexual acts for a period of two months. Garry Drummond, of the RCMP's human trafficking unit, said the recent Edmonton charges have given police across Canada confidence they can intervene and stop the persecution of women who may be sold into sex slavery.

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