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One can overlook certain aspects of film making when the story is there and the emotions are stirred.

September Eleven 1683 (also known as The Day of the Siege: September Eleven 1683) is a 2012 Polish-Italian historical war drama, directed by Renzo Martinelli and based on the real historical events. The movie was uplifting and one for our times as we see history trying to repeat itself once again with militant Islamic terrorists in the form of ISIS and other groups such as the Taliban trying to gain as much territory as they can in the name of their version of Islam in order to create a world wide caliphate, one need only replace the various factions with the Ottoman Empire and you have the same story from antiquity again posing a threat not only to Europe but the whole world. He is living proof that we can live together, respecting each other's faiths. See more » As a student of history, I absolutely love historical films and The Day of Siege is one to love.If you are a student of history, you will understand what I am speaking of and how this movie brings to the screen a bit of history that has been forgotten in our schools and isn't remembered much except in those places in Europe where its effects, the sacrifices of those who fought in the battle and its effect on the ambitions of Ottoman Empire to stop incursions further into Europe are still talked of today.The relief force that came to the aid of Vienna overcame what were for the time impossible obstacles including marching men, cavalry and artillery up to the top of the Kahlenberg where they had the high ground and a command of the heights above the battlefield.

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