Bi lezbian dating uk

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It’s just the differences in how men and women behave; for guys it’s great because they’re happy to take that risk a lot quicker and say ‘Fine, let’s meet up’.Women just don't ever do it that way." The app features Pinterest-style image boards to indicate the user's interests, such as cats, their dream holiday or the book they're currently reading."You’re not hotchick123, you’re Sarah and we’re going to meet up in a couple of days, so you may as well be upfront about what your name is!" Given the internet's shady past in anonymity and identity obscurity, she places great importance in grounding the app in a sense of reality.When the two come together, it’s not intentional, it’s just inherent," she says."Something we realised very early on when we were testing the app in private beta was that women aren't interested in being alerted to the nearest person nearby also using the app.They're part of the three woman team, including front-end developer Vesna Planko, behind Dattch, a dating app designed to cater for lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women.CEO Robyn founded Dattch in 2012 after working for several years at a branding agency, where one of her clients was one of the largest dating businesses.

Yet this is something Robyn Exton and Emily Moulder deal with every day.

"When someone comes through the system they’ll receive a message saying you can either give us your number and we’ll call you, or you can send us a private message on Facebook.

Although that doesn’t sync with your account, we’ll be able to see if you look legit or not.

Another mainstay of the conventional dating app, the user name, has also been done away with.

“To us, having a user name on a dating site makes no sense," says Robyn.

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